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Smart Features

The modular structure of the ekoio telematics solution allows us to always offer you the best solutions oriented towards your needs. Let us know your requests and we provide the suitable product.

Live tracking / Geofencing

You will always find the most efficient route, keep track of your vehicles and know to the split second when your parcel arrives at your customer. This is ekoio’s high-precision live tracking and geofencing with route optimization.

Gamification / driving style

The ekoio algorithm generates an individual score of every journey based on braking, increase in speed and cornering. Thus, you can compensate your staff and motivate them to drive in a more sustained way.

Vehicle diagnosis

As soon as your vehicle has a problem, we will communicate it to you in an easy-to-understand way in real-time. Therefore, you will always be informed of the operational state of your fleet at any time.

Fleet management

The vehicle and user administration of ekoio is clear and innovative. Add information, search or sort your fleet. Just let us know how we may integrate your request in an optimum way.

Driver’s log book

Private or business trip? You can answer these questions very easily with ekoio. The mapping works systematically at the touch of a button and will automatically be saved in the system for further testing and exchange of vehicle data.

Ermergency warning

For both accident and theft – ekoio registers such situations and informs you in real-time. In addition, you will get a detailed reporting after an accident for inspection of further accident investigation.

Our solution
The ekoio stick

Easy installation thanks to plug&play, applicable to every vehicle built after 2001. It meets a high quality standard and is legal to use as it is conform to the manufacturer’s warranty and the insurance policy of your vehicle. This is what distinguishes our ekoio stick. Try it and the new possibilities it offers.

10 Hz
1000 Hz
Plug ‘n Play

Our solution
The ekoio box

It has the same standards as our ekoio stick but applied to heavier vehicles. This is the ekoio box for your HGVs, buses, coaches and construction machines.


Our solution
Have everything at a glance at any time

The ekoio WebApp for your desktop, smartphone or tablet offers you, your staff and our customers complete flexibility. Regardless of live tracking, bonus system, gamification or white label product – your request of ekoio smart telematics is our focus.


The telematics solution for everyone

ekoio smart telematics is a tool that you can apply directly to your fleet and that still offers so much more. Use all of your vehicle data for your demands. Together we will design your individual solution.


Take car connect as a chance and focus on your customer. Use your vehicle data for your after sales area and offer your customers a completely new service without time or media break.

Car sharing

The ekoio car sharing solution facilitates a keyless access to your vehicles and will compensate your customers and staff for a safe and sustainable handling of your fleet.

Car leasing

The ekoio car vehicle report is a real seal of approval. From the first key rotation to the resale, we guarantee complete transparency in your processes.


We offer everything necessary for a modern pay-as-you-drive solution and refine it as needed according to your request.

Logistics enterprises

Wether live tracking, geofencing or planning of tours: our aim is to find the perfect telematics product for you, so you can optimize your car pool and design your processes effectively.

Driving school

Evaluate every journey with your student driver clearly. With ekoio, novice drivers can improve step by step and even compare each other for incentive. This is how they will work towards a shared goal: the driver’s license.

Car rental

Safeguard quality, optimize internal processes and increase your customer’s safety. With ekoio, you will receive a product which fulfils all these interests at an equal extend.

Car commerce

Know at all time what a car has experienced since its first journey. This is what we call the ekoio car vehicle report. Include this seal of quality in your selling process and gain real business confidence.

Test ekoio free of charge

Convince yourself of the individual possibilities of the ekoio solutions and experience the direct and immediate benefits of our solution for your business.

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